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MU 3-P Dovetail routing machine pneumatic

код: W1032000
производитель: Hoffmann GmbH Maschinenbau
Звонить +371 67187410
цена 3460.60
цена без НДС 2860.00
Цена указана с НДС 21%.
Указанная цена в силе, при заказе товара 29.05.2022.

Pneumatic Dovetail Routing Machine
Portable, pneumatic bench-top model fitted with 450 W motor. To produce a single dovetail keyway with each machine cycle.


Technical Specification  
Power supply 1ph/N/PE 230V 50/60Hz 0.5 kW
Air supply 6 bar
Motors 1 x 450 W
Motor speed 27000 1/min.
Controls/work-piece clamping pneumatic / pneumatic
height capacity 150 mm
Routing depth 0-75 mm
Dust extraction duct Ø 60 mm
Hoffmann-key sizes W-1/2/3/4 (opt. with 1000 W motor)
Overall dimensions W/D/H 680/600/500 mm
Weight 32 kg
Order No. W 102 2000


The automatic machine cycle is actuated by the foot-pedal. The work-piece is clamped, the router rises to a pre-set depth and returns to its home position. The work-piece is released and the motor switches off. All fence positions are adjusted manually.

Machine components
1. Return valve

2. Routing motor

3. Clamping valve

4. Filter, oiler, regulator unit

5. Drive cylinder

6. Limit switch / Motor

7. Dust extraction duct


Operating elements
1. Angle fence lever

2. Butt stop lever

3. Depth adjustment lever

4. Work-piece clamping lever

1. Machine control valves

2. T-fitting