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eXess Manual routing machine

код: W1014000
производитель: Hoffmann GmbH Maschinenbau
цена 955.90
цена без НДС 790.00
Цена указана с НДС 21%.
Указанная цена в силе, при заказе товара 04.06.2023.

Flexible hand held routing machine to produce a single dovetail keyway. The ultimate starter model without compromise to performance or quality.


Available with systainer. Inclulding router bit and tooling.



Technical data  
Power supply 1ph/N/PE 230 V
Power supply 50/60Hz 0.5 kW
Motor 1 x 0,5 kW
Motor speed 27.000 1/min.
Control manual
Work-piece manual
Routing depth 60mm
Hoffmann-key-sizes W-1/2/3
Dimensions W/D/H 185/330/230 mm
Weiht 3,3 kg
Order-No. W1014000