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MIG/MAG pusautomātiskie metināšanas aparāti

Metināšanas iekārta/pusautomāts SMARTMIG 182 MIG/MAG 180A

kods: 033184
ražotājs: GYS
Zvanīt +371 67187410
cena 990.00
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Norādītā cena ir spēkā, pasūtot preci 30.09.2023.
  • Single phase full size 180A MIG/MAG welding unit. Ideal for general workshop use.
  • Perfectly suited for non intensive work for assembly, repair maintain steel, stainless steel or aluminium section or sheet.
  • Easy to use intuitive « SMART » control panel.
  • Supplied with 150A torch (length 3m).Euro torch connection for easy wire and liner change.
  • Powerful 40W motor for a smooth and constant wire speed.
  • For use with Æ 200mm (5kg) and 300 mm (15kg) wire reel.
  • With gas: Ø 0.6 - 1mm wire
  • No gas: For outdoor welding with a Ø 0.9 – 1.2mm wire.
  • Low current consumption, pluggable on a single 230V – 16A socket. It can be used on a 6KVA generator.
  • Ideal settings are indicated, just select the type and diameter of wire used, then the thickness of the metal.
  • The SMART control panel makes it easy to set the voltage (4 positions) and the wire speed.