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kods: W1031000
ražotājs: Hoffmann GmbH Maschinenbau
Zvanīt +371 67187410
cena 2401.85
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Manual Dovetail Routing Machine
Portable, bench-top model fitted with 450 W motor. To produce a single dovetail keyway with each machine cycle.

Technical Specification  
Power supply 1ph/N/PE 230V 50/60Hz 0.5 kW
Motors 1 x 1000 W
Motor speed 34000 1/min.
Controls/work-piece clamping manual / manual
height capacity 130 mm
Routing depth 0-85 mm
Dust extraction duct Ø 50 mm
Hoffmann-key sizes W-1/2/3/4 
Overall dimensions W/D/H 740/650/835 mm
Weight 32 kg
Order No. W1031000


By operating the hand lever, the work-piece is clamped and starts the motor. Continued pressure raises the router to a pre-set depth. Releasing the handle, the router returns to its home position, releases the work-piece and switches the motor off. All fence positions are adjusted manually.


Table view
1. Bridge

2. Routing depth adjustment

3. Angle fence 45°

4. Tool area

5. Clamping device

Machine Components
1. Electrical switch

2. Routing motor

3. Dust extraction duct

Fencing units
1. Butt stop

2. Angle fence 45°

3. Measuring scale